The Master of Digital Media Program

The Master of Digital Media program involves extensive project-based experiences and entrepreneurial simulations and tutorials through which students acquire valuable academic and applied knowledge of the digital media industry.

Who We Are


The 2019-2020 MDM cohort is a diverse blend of creators, designers, developers, and researchers who are unified through a desire to learn, inspire, and grow. MDM 7.0 has been challenged with a global pandemic, a civil rights uprising and have brought their skills to the forefront to build the foundations for a better world. MDM 7.0 knows that the world needs more: more beauty, more creativity, more efficiency, more wellness, more safety, and more compassion. MDM 7.0 is here to pave the way, not just for tomorrow, but for generations to come.

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The MDM NeoNormal panels are a series of academic panels to present research and explore what our world will look like in the future, and how the cohort plans on shaping that future. MDM 7.0 knows that the world is ready for something bigger than new, better than normal, we are ready for something innovative and unprecedented. We are ready for NeoNormal. Join us for dynamic panels that challenge you to think bigger and imagine a better world.

Acknowledgements 💛

This event was made possible through a collaborative effort in truly strange times. Over the past four months, our cohort came together to plan, create, and test every aspect of this event. We would like to acknowledge the gargantuan effort put in by these amazing individuals.  

The MDM 7.0 NeoNormal Industry Showcase was made possible by:

Project & Event Management
Robin Kang, Emily Lê, Rebecca Petricevic, Eileen Xue

Aahd Alanqar, Yasmeen Alhamdan, Harman Brar, Nicole Hack, Aadil Khan, Kelvin Li, Sarthak Marwaha, Jeremy Paquette, Eileen Xue, Julian Yoo

Robin Kang, Emily Lê

Brand Designer
Stefan Grambart

Graphic Design
Fabiana P. Barbosa, Emily Lê, Matt Zyla

Community Outreach 
E. Riley Cooper, Nicole Hack, Gianluca Gardiman

Fabiana P. Barbosa, Tamer Gargour, Morgan Gelinas, Laura Montenegro

Copy Editor
Meghan Boisjoli

Nicole Hack, Kelvin Li, Tamer Gargour

Meghan Boisjoli, Stefan Grambart, Emily Hall, Nicole Hack, Kelvin Li, Rebecca Petricevic

Thank you to those who helped bring this event to a reality:

Cate Canavan, Communications and Events Coordinator, Faculty of Communication and Design
Jacky Au Duong, Manager of Marketing and Promotion, Faculty of Communication and Design
Dr. Michael Carter, Director of Industry Relations
Lissa Quaglia, Graduate Program Administrator
Dr. Alex Ferworn, Graduate Program Director
Dr. Charles Falzon, Dean of Faculty of Communication and Design
Chris Ambedkar, Lecturer, School of Graphic Communications Management, MDM Alum

Thank you to our supervising faculty for overseeing the success of these major research projects.

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