Physical Theoreticals

Exploring the use of wearable technology by athletes: A narrative review

This review identifies how sensors and wearable technology are currently being used by elite athletes, as well as novel ways to integrate the technology into the coming era. After a systematic search of keywords, load monitoring, biofeedback training, and virtual reality emerged as key applications of wearable technology in elite sports. Findings reveal these technologies generally have a positive relationship with athletic performance. Most research identifies applications of wearables as a means to enhance efficiency of training, improve skills, or monitor and assess physiological functions. Based on the analysis of available information there is currently a gap in the research and application of wearable devices. My research identifies how wearables can be used to build self efficacious beliefs, thus enhancing both the physical and mental side of athletes performance.
About the Author
Morgan Gelinas

Morgan graduated from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Morgan's creative eye in videography led her to pursue the Masters of Digital Media program to expand on her knowledge in the field. She is currently exploring the relationship between wearable trackers and elite athletes performance .

About the Project
If we can take any lesson away from our experiences living through COVID-19 it would easily be our newfound appreciation for health. Unfortunately, in times of crisis, we are encouraged to stay away from the places that keep us healthy like gyms and workout studios in efforts to follow safe social distancing procedures. Those of us who depended on these heightened environments with loud music, disco balls, and hype instructors know that the transition to our neo-normal world looks a little bleak. How do we encourage each other to stay healthy without the luxurious commodities we had pre-COVID? Wearable technology may be the answer, with features that encourage the user to reach their target goals and share their daily activity with friends. While we may not be in the same room, the device helps close the gap and bring us together in a digital community of sorts. Like us weekend-warriors, COVID-19 has introduced challenges for the professional athletes who depend on trainers, gyms, coaches, and special equipment to keep them in shape. Wearable devices can provide a high level of mentorship and performance monitoring which enables them to sustain a high degree of fitness for the coming season. Thus, wearable devices may be the tools that keep us connected, healthy, and most important, ready for action when the whistle blows and the puck drops.