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What iTUTORS App looks like and what will make it different and unique in a realm of educational Apps everywhere in the world? The core idea of this project is to create a marketplace for free education, where students or learners can meet with teachers and tutors that native speakers of their own language regardless where they are, and helping both, the students to get free or affordable tutoring and the teachers to earn extra income to improve their living cost particularly in the war zones or poor communities. This project aiming to generate a new platform for providing online live tutoring for learners through mobile phones App and make it accessible for anyone in the world, with starting free service in the Middle East and North Africa where many of its countries suffering a lot from armed conflicts, like Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Libya which resulted in dropping millions of students from schools during the past few years. This project will create a platform in both forms of mobile Progressive Web App (PWA) compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as a website to make it easy access for any student or teacher by any device they have, with a minimum requirement of internet speed as the main challenge could face users of this service in the remote areas.
About the Author
Khaled Al-Hammadi

Khaled is an award-winning Yemeni journalist, and media freedom and human rights advocate in Yemen. He is the founder and director of, and He is awarded the International Press Freedom Award from the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression ( He graduated B.A. (H) and M.A. in Political Science and Journalism from Karachi University, Pakistan, and worked as a freelance reporter and producer in Yemen with many pan Arab media, including Aljazeera TV. Khaled recently moved to Canada as a result of the war in his home country, Yemen. He decided to study the Master's program of Digital Media at Ryerson to start his new life in Canada as an entrepreneur. He established the incorporation ( for online shopping during his MDM study and he made his MRP as a project for online tutoring for the vulnerable students who couldn’t get an access to free online education in their areas in the middle east firstly, then, will expand this free service to Africa, Asia and Latin America as it is created to be a multi-lingual App for linking between students and tutors worldwide.

About the Project

Traditional education has become a very tough and big challenge, not only in the war zone countries in the Middle East like Yemen, Syria and Iraq but also in many other poor communities or remote areas in the world as a large amount of school-aged children are unable to get access to their schools.

The iTUTORS App project will contribute to solving the problems of getting access to education in the war zone, remote areas or poor communities worldwide, by innovative means of online education. This project is an App/Platform for live tutoring to make the education accessible and affordable for all children and learners. It plans to be offered for free in the Middle East, as a first phase, then Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It will be a kind of marketplace for listing professional teachers who showed their interest and applied for providing online education/tutoring for students in the war zones, poor communities, and remote areas or elsewhere. This platform will also financially support teachers everywhere in the world who can deliver tutoring in many local languages and local curriculum. The iTUTORS platform is an ambitious project to bridge the gap in the lack of access to education worldwide.
This App/platform web address is:

Why is iTUTORS Unique?

There are hundreds of online educational and tutoring Apps and platforms but their business model and the purpose of most of them is earning money through these platforms. They are a kind of investment business platforms, not affordable service for everyone, and they are deliver their service in limited language or for specific courses or subjects. The qualifications and justifications that made iTUTORS special and unique in its field are as follows:  

  1. Its service will be delivered for free or in affordable cost.
  2. It is focusing firstly on providing teaching of local curriculum.
  3. It will deliver its tutoring in local languages as much as it can.
  4. It will include wide range of subjects and courses from primary curriculum to academic courses.  
  5. Its service will not be recorded materials but will be live-stream education.
  6. It will be a global App/platform for worldwide service.
  7. It will include three level of educational service: local curriculum, technical skills and academics courses.
  8. It will target poor communities and vulnerable people first, while all other platform focusing on rich and wealthy people.  
  9. It is a combination of a social service and business model, which can serve all people and rich or poor communities.

Goal and Objectives of iTUTORS

The main goal of iTUTORS is to provide free and affordable educational service to vulnerable children and learners everywhere in the world, in their own languages, their specific curriculum and with no costly requirements.

The Objectives of iTUTORS are as follows:

  • Creating a global platform for a comprehensive online live free and affordable education.
  • Providing a variety of online educational services including local curriculum, technical skills, and academic education.
  • Bringing together students and teachers through this platform App to make it as a marketplace where teachers can show their skills and abilities to teach online.
  • Helping students and learners get access to education and supporting teachers to get additional income to cover their life expenses.  
  • Creating an international educational platform that breaks the barriers of language by delivering tutoring in local languages.

iTUTORS importance as a Part of Solution

The importance of iTUTORS comes from this complex educational situation in Yemen, Syria and many other countries in the Middle East and beyond. As digitizing everything, including education and technical development, is growing fast, iTUTORS project can be a part of the solution for the problems of lack of access to traditional education. It is a free and affordable platform to contribute in resolving the hardness and obstacles of education, by not just digitizing the educational materials but also by making online tutoring very similar to the traditional classes as the iTUTORS platform uses a live-class tutoring model. It will break out and overcome the obstacles of access to schools as it will be available for everyone in the targeted countries or in any place in the world, by safe, easy and affordable means. It will give a chance to children to study from their home countries, or from their countries where they’ve been displaced or made refugees. It will also help teachers who lost their jobs or have not received salaries to get appropriate income regardless of where they are living, particularly after tens of thousands of teachers were forced to leave their home cities or countries seeking safety.

iTUTORS as a marketplace

It gives space for a variety of choices of selecting tutors from the collections of teachers, subjects and courses. It works like a marketplace where tutors show their qualifications and experiences, subjects and skills that they are qualified to deliver through iTUTORS, and where students can look and find their interest of desired teachers. It is a virtual online store where both teachers and students can meet and be matched, in term of language, location and subject or course.    

This App/platform web address is:

The education difficulties and tough situation in the war zone, remote areas, or poor communities where the school-aged students didn’t have access to education inspired the idea of creating the iTUTORS App. As the United Nations agencies and organizations unveiling regularly how the students in so many countries are lacking access to their schools and they lost their opportunities for having an education, either for safety reasons, poverty reasons, or tough geographic location. The core idea of iTUTORS App is to be a global and comprehensive platform in many languages, providing live education for local curriculum, technical skills, or help learners getting academic education. The main goal of this App is to overcome the obstacles of education accessibility and contribute to providing free or affordable online live education for all, regardless of their income, location, and language.