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Happiness In Your Hand: The Power of Compact Bright Light Therapy

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we take care of our mental wellness and harness the power of Bright Light Therapy to do so. While traditional Bright Light Therapy devices have achieved considerable success, there is a continuing need for improvement; specifically in the accessibility of their size and portability. Through research, market analysis, and experimentation, my work investigates three questions: 1. What is Bright Light Therapy and why is it so important? 2. How do existing devices function? 3. Is it possible to create a product that addresses the current inadequacies in the market? As little as fifteen minutes of exposure to Bright Light Therapy a day has been proven to successfully treat several mental illnesses and disorders, but is not readily available. To combat this issue, I propose the creation of a mobile phone case that is a compact, portable, and rechargeable Bright Light Therapy device (Patent Pending). I call it: The PomCom.
About the Author
E. Riley Cooper

Riley is a vibrant entrepreneur who wants to know the ways of the world. She is therefore particularly interested in business, health and wellness, and political affairs. While studying in Ottawa, Riley became particularly involved with the Open Government Partnerships (OGP) of Canada and has worked with the Canadian Global Cities Council as well as the OGP Global Summit of 2019 to help foster the political and economic climates within Canada. Furthermore, throughout her time at Carleton University (as she studied Communication and Media Studies), Riley worked both as a Residence Fellow and a Health and Wellness Team Leader. In addition, Riley takes pride in having been a Big Sister with the Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada as well as having been the Chapter President for her local Best Buddies program. Riley has experienced the importance of maintaining one’s mental wellness first hand and has, in addition, witnessed the power of Bright Light Therapy. Considering the events 2020 has unfolded, Riley’s passion to ensure accessibility to mental wellness tools has only grown and she intends to pursue the PomCom and her research beyond the Master of Digital Media program.

About the Project
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Photos of Final MVP. This image depicts the final MVP with the back cover and brand associated vinyl on top (left) alongside the final MVP without the back cover and with the lights displayed (right). The back cover snaps onto the translucent shield which also acts as added protection over the lights.
Illustrated Components of Product. This illustration depicts how the arrangement of 10,000 Lux of lights looks on the front piece/cavity alongside the microcontroller.
Illustrated Components of Product. This illustration depicts the three parts of the mobile device case: The front piece/cavity, the translucent shield, and the back cover which snaps on.
According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (pre-pandemic), “approximately 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives” (CMHA 2013). Knowing this, we can expect to see an upswing in anxiety, depression, and suicide. As COVID 19 rages on, it is vital that aids to mental wellness are easily accessible. That is where my project comes in. This device has been created in the form of a mobile phone case with the intention of making Bright White Light Therapy compact, portable, and rechargeable. It allows for anyone, anywhere to access the benefits of Bright Light Therapy.