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Young Leaders Young Women: A Game Designed to Help Adolescent Girls Unlock their Leadership Potential

Adolescence is one of the most rapid changes that happen across the human life span, where physical, psychological, emotional, and personality changes happen. Especially for young girls, it's a critical time to describe themselves, make decisions, and be confident around their peers. Many young girls struggle with their transition from childhood to adulthood. Girls navigate puberty differently than boys, not due to biological or psychological changes only, but to the gendered cultural meanings that they absorb and learn from their world. Contemporary adolescent development requires a new approach to involve adolescents in more active, engaging, and leadership roles. This project aims to create a game for young girls to explore challenging situations, and how they might respond can lend them an important degree of confidence and resilience. The educational game contains a series of prompts, questions, and challenging scenarios, where girls are not always meant to know the answer. The game will provide a guide to young girls to understand more about leadership identities and their thoughts, by making sense of their emotions and assembling them to allow them to thrive.
About the Author
Aahd Alanqar

Aahd is a designer, artist, and strategic thinker. In her work, she is most passionate about using human-centered methods to identify and implement innovation opportunities using the power of design. As a lifelong learner, she is driven by a relentless curiosity to understand the world and is always interested in finding solutions for everyday life challenges. Her love affair with design began in her early years. Instead of using words, she would draw images or some sort of calligraphy before she started speaking. Aahd is passionate about applying creativity to bring new solutions into the world that help people manage their health and wellness. She holds herself accountable to treat each challenge as an opportunity. Aahd holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, some of her designs won awards and has been featured in different exhibitions. In her spare time, Aahd can be found exploring a new coffee place, illustrating, or spending time with family and friends.

About the Project

Playful Leadership is created to help people learn leadership, find perspective, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Playful Leadership offers Young Leaders Young Women, a leadership board game for young women to help them gain leadership skills and find sources of fulfillment.

Playful Leadership

Young Women Young Leaders

Young Leaders Young Women Board Game
A Game to Get the Best Out of Adolescence

Girls need to foster leadership during this transitional phase of growth. A leadership guide might not solve everything, but what counts is that it is immediate and at once effective.

Inside the Box

Young Leaders Young Women is designed for girls who are 10 years and above and can be played solo, in pairs or a group of 6. Played on a board with dice and cards, the game invites girls to ask one another a series of challenging scenarios that might happen during adolescence.

In the game, girls will travel to six different empires: the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ottoman Empire, Aztec Empire, and Ancient China. Young Leaders Young Women has 60 key challenging situations that girls might face during adolescence, including family, friendship, school, and self.

Adolescence can be a Challenging Experience for Girls

Leadership for Girls

Girls tend to begin their adolescence with a deeply unrepresentative experience. They grow up inducted into a world of astonishing indifference to almost everything they are, they think, they say, or they do. There is perhaps no greater priority in childhood than to require an education. But there is one unstudied subject that we live through every day, that is leadership. Young leadership education is a chance to lead a fulfilled adult life. It depends overwhelmingly on the knowledge and engagement with the nature of adolescence.
Leadership can help us skirt adult danger and guide us to fulfillment. It's the subject that far more than any other subject has the decisive power to teach us about ourselves.

In this inner journey, girls will learn about six steps to be a leader.

Leadership Skills Covered

Question cards should be approached with:

  • Structure: The accountability to others and to personal values.
  • Knowledge: The awareness to expand self-knowledge and transfer it to others.
  • Strategy: The potential to motivate and persuade others to acquire personal vision.
  • Relationship: The good intention and concern toward others.
  • Endurance: the understanding that changes take time and energy.
Leadership Set of Cards

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Now more than ever, we should set out the particular vulnerabilities for adolescent girls and provide practical guidance on how to support girls during the COVID19 pandemic. School closures could lead to less access to resources and social networks. This could lead girls to drop out before they complete their education, especially girls living in poverty. The pandemic risks might not just affect equitable access to education, but it might lead to early or forced marriage as a coping mechanism. It seems that the pandemic will cause a significant global economic impact. Economic insecurities can lead to sharp rises in the exposure of adolescent girls to gender-based violence. It’s important to take into account adolescent girls’ safety, understand how best to stay connected with them, and how best to get information to them. Girls need to foster leadership during this transitional phase of growth. A leadership guide might not solve everything, but what counts is that it is immediate and at once effective. The guide contains what’s most urgently needed to contain a situation until more substantial help can be called for.