AUGUST 20, 2020


Welcome to NeoNormal

2020 is a year like no other, and MDM 7.0 is a cohort like no other.

The NeoNormal panels are here to start a conversation, not about “returning to a new normal”, but about changing our world. We are ready for something bigger than new, something unprecedented and innovative, we are ready for NeoNormal. MDM 7.0 thinks bigger than new, thinks more dynamically than normal.
MDM 7.0 has taken a pandemic, a civil rights movement and technical skill to build the foundation for a better future. The world deserves more. More beauty, more creativity, more efficiency, more health, more wellness, more compassion, more safety, and MDM 7.0 is unafraid to pave the way, not just for tomorrow, but for generations to come.
We are MDM 7.0. We are the NeoNormal. 
The Inclusivity and Digital Media panel consists of diverse researchers who examine the many intersections of media, technology and identity. From children’s media, to beauty and representation, these diverse projects challenge who has access to influence, tools and knowledge to create a new notion of equality, compassion and inclusivity. Through creativity and collaboration, the Inclusivity panel encourages consumers to be critical and offer new solutions to equality in digital media.
Erin Nantais
Ridhima Morris
Fabiana P. Barbosa
Ajith Balakrishna
Nicole Hack
The Educational Game panel is pushing ideas of traditional education by creating games designed to simultaneously educate and entertain, challenging the notion that these two experiences are mutually exclusive in a digital world. This NeoNormal panel also explores the many forms of intelligence and education, understanding that knowledge is not limited to academic realms, and can also be made easily accessible to benefit communities and individuals. 
Emily Hall
Khaled Al-Hammadi
Shenghan Gao
Aadil Khan
Yerachmiel Paquette
Aahd Alanqar
Julian Yoo
The Digital Communities is a panel of diverse researchers and designers who examine how digital communities grow, morph and change with the world. From esports communities, to integrating public libraries with digital communities and the extremes of the political online right, the Digital Communities projects are united through a desire to educate and innovate how we build strong communities online.
Tamer Gargour
Matthew Zyla
Kelvin Li
Rebecca Petricevic
Robin Kang
Stefan Grambart
Meghan Boisjoli
The Augmented Reality panel knows that augmented reality isn’t just for the most cutting edge projects anymore, but rather can serve many places in our day to day lives to improve experience and accessibility in a rapidly changing world. From museums, to restaurants to our very homes, Augmented Reality seeks to democratize access and experience across communities. 
Eileen Xue
Teodora Grancharova
Aline Nguyen
Yasmeen Alhamdan
Maeliss Usher
The  Virtual Reality and Psych panel seeks to dispel the myth that VR is a passing trend by creating and establishing meaningful research projects for the benefit of users. By exploring VR beyond simply recreating experiences, the NeoNormal VR projects delicately balance visuals, psychology, goals and education to create powerful experiences beyond playing a game.
Laura Montenegro
Camila Bohorquez
Roozbeh Moayyedian
Harman Brar
While so much of the world moves online, the Physical Theoreticals panel continues to push the boundaries of what physical tech can do to improve our performance, our happiness and our surroundings. From athletic performance to themed entertainment to at-home bright light therapy, NeoNormal Physical Theoretical seeks to make life better for people of all interests and all walks of life.
Sarthak Marwaha
Emily Lê

Alex Chan
E. Riley Cooper
Gianluca Gardiman
Morgan Gelinas